Monday, March 26, 2012

Charity Year

Its a new year and it started out being a charity year.  Almost all that I have been crafting has been for charity.  From baby hats, to adult hats, to preemie blankies, and fleece blankets and now quilting.....yes that's right.....I am quilting.  Thanks to Project Linus the sewing bug has bit me, and it has bit me hard.

I got a sewing machine, a Brother 6000, a sewing cabinet so that I don't take over the dinning table and thanks to all the good people that donate fabric to Project Linus I have plenty of fabric to choose from.

I also started listening to a handful of quilting podcasts and came across a free site for sewing and quilting,  just like ravelry, but it is so new that its not as evolved as ravelry....but ravelry was not built in a day, so I am looking forward to watching it grow and get better and better.  It is called
If you sew or quilt, go check it out.

I have been spinning a bit, but no pictures yet.

my first batch of hats, the baby hats donated to one of my local Kaiser Hospital.
 these two hats are for the homeless

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