Friday, October 28, 2011

Double Hat Week


and here's to another week of hats. Finished two more Ear Flap Hats, and started a basic vanilla hat all for charity Warm Up Winchester Group on Ravelry.


Also finished a cute little neck scarf.  It will be a xmas present.

I have also started thinking and planning more xmas projects to make.  the contenders are cowls, and neck scarfs.  Maybe some hats, but not sure yet. 


Last week I posted my first homework project in the Harry Potter House Cup as a NQFY in the Potions class.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I never realized how long it takes sometimes to title a blog post.  I want to think of something fun and catchy, and that summarizes what I did last week and this weekend knitting wise.  I could not think of anything so I ended up with "washing" because I did wash last week and this weekend, LOL.

I finally washed two handspun skeins I had.  The green/gray is Corriedale, 1.07oz, 200 yards, 2 ply.  The purple/blue/gold one I think is BFL/Silk because its soooo soft and I don't have the tag.  This was part of a sample I received when I took a spinning class in Lafayette at the Yarn Boutique. this one is not even one ounce, its 0.71oz.  I don't know the yardage at this time, I will have to re-skein it.  Its also a 4-ply and its a cable ply.  Both were spun on my spindles.  Both look like fingering weight.

I have also been knitting on some mitts.  They are called "Great Weekend Mitts".  I finished one hand with the placket and buttons, but left the other hand without it because I am not sure which way I like it best.  Should I go forward and knit the placket with the buttons on the second one?  or rip the placket?

I also started another Ear Flap Hat for charity.  This coming weeks knitting plans will be charity knitting, more ear flap hats.  I might add more things later on, or spinning.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

And a new blog is born

I finally decided to start a blog of my crafty life.  Lets see how this goes.

The first two weeks of October I made a few hats for charity, one for myself and two others for my niece.  I should be knitting socks since its Socktober Fest and all, but instead I am knitting on some mittens.