Sunday, November 13, 2011


For a long time now I have been looking for a free photo editing site where I can make collages of photos.  It is safe to say I don't have allot of patience for computer research so today I was on the hunt again and came across a free site and bravely signed up.  So far I think its pretty good.  here is what I started playing around with.  Its the first homework I submitted to the Harry Potter House on Ravelry.

October Homework washing by Born2knitnpurl

Last week DH asked me for some gloves.  Its cold now and he turned to me and asked me to knit him gloves in black yarn.  I went through my yarn stash and only had a dark chocolate Malabrigo sock.  He liked it and I went forth all excited because I don't get to knit for him too often.  The first glove was too snug, so I started another one and so far is fitting good and he is liking it.  The only problem is I am finding that I don't really like to knit on only one project at a time, I need at least two or three.  In this case I want to finish these gloves quickly because he keeps asking me for status...LOL and that his hands are cold and when will I be finished with them......but......I am getting a little tired of only knitting on these gloves.  Good thing is, its Malabrigo yarn and its soft and yummy to knit with.

Not much spinning lately.  Xmas knitting is getting in the way of my spinning.  I only spun a few minutes on my spindle and then another few minutes on my Little Lady Bug.

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